Facebook for Klingons


Doing some stupid things this morning, we discovered the following: Facebook can be switched to Klingon!

You have to modify your page a little, i think because the Language is not completely translated. If you want to try it, follow my lead:

  • You need a modern Web Browser with developing tools (Firefox with Firebug, Chrome, IE8, …)
  • Log onto Facebook
  • Click the link for the language selection (on the bottom left of facebook)
  • Pick any language, and analyze the element (In Firefox with Firebug: Rightclick any language (Step 1), click on „analyze element“ (Step 2),and look for the value of the link (Step 3)
  • Now we manipulate this value. Set it to „tl_ST“.
  • You’re done manipulating the site now – there is only one thing left to do: Click the language you chose to change, and…


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